Jeff Smith

Earthwork, Mechanical


  • Allan Weekly

    Allan Weekly

    Has 41 years of experience and manages all of Weekly Bros., Inc.’s equipment fleet including mobilization, transportation, maintenance, repair and compliance of the construction fleet.

  • Todd Weekly

    Todd Weekly

    Has 38 years of experience and personally oversees all of Weekly Bros., Inc.’s most complex and difficult projects.

  • Jared Weekly

    Jared Weekly

    Is a senior equipment operator and project manager that has 16 years of construction experience.

  • Debbie Weekly

    Debbie Weekly

    Is the manager of accounting and personnel at Weekly Bros., Inc. and has 15 years of experience.

  • Nick Weekly

    Nick Weekly

    Civil Engineer, manages projects for Weekly Bros., Inc. and has 18 years of construction experience.

  • Art Brock

    Art Brock

    Is our Maintenance manager.

Project Superintendents

  • Chris Rondeau

    Chris Rondeau

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Joe Fummerten

    Joe Fummerten

    Concrete, Mechanical

  • Joe Hendron

    Joe Hendron

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Kevin Brocklemeyer

    Kevin Brocklemeyer

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Cofferdam

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