About Us

About Us

Weekly Bros., Inc. was founded in 1981. In the beginning, Weekly Bros., Inc. constructed forest roads and timber access roads for many northwest timber companies. As the timber industry declined in the late 1980’s, Weekly Bros., Inc. expanded its services to maintenance and repair services for the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and private landowners. In the early 1990’s, Weekly Bros., Inc. began constructing concrete structures, pipelines, and other civil construction to further expand its services. Since, Weekly Bros., Inc. has become focused completely on providing civil and mechanical construction services. Today, the years of experience has allowed Weekly Bros., Inc. to perform some of the most difficult, critical and challenging projects that the industry has to offer.

Weekly Bros., Inc. is a family owned business. Our hometown is Roseburg, which is located in southwestern Oregon. Weekly Bros., Inc. is a privately held corporation and has four shareholders of which Allan Weekly is President, Todd Weekly is Corporate Secretary, Nick Weekly is a Manager, and Jared Weekly is a Manager.

Because Weekly Bros., Inc. is a family owned small business, we bring personal ownership to the project site. At least one and quite often more of Weekly Bros. Inc.’s owners and managers are personally supervising the work at our projects. With company management on the project, quality of work is both guaranteed and consistent. Weekly Bros. Inc. is a small business administration certified hubzone firm.


  • Allan Weekly

    Allan Weekly

    Has 43 years of experience and manages all of Weekly Bros., Inc.’s equipment fleet including mobilization, transportation, maintenance, repair and compliance of the construction fleet.

  • Todd Weekly

    Todd Weekly

    Has 40 years of experience and personally oversees all of Weekly Bros., Inc.’s most complex and difficult projects.

  • Jared Weekly

    Jared Weekly

    President & Manager for Weekly Bros., Inc. that has 19 years of construction experience.

  • Nick Weekly

    Nick Weekly

    Secretary & Manager for Weekly Bros., Inc. and has 21 years of construction experience.

  • Caylene Luiz

    Caylene Luiz

    Is the assistant manager of accounting & personnel

  • Debbie Weekly

    Debbie Weekly

    Is the manager of accounting and personnel at Weekly Bros., Inc. and has 16 years of experience.

  • John Woodward

    John Woodward

    Is our Maintenance manager.

Project Superintendents

  • Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Joe Hendron

    Joe Hendron

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Kevin Brocklemeyer

    Kevin Brocklemeyer

    Earthwork, Mechanical

  • Levi Van Slyke

    Levi Van Slyke

    Buildings, Concrete, Mechanical

  • Cofferdam

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